Cut The Cold This Winter

STIHL winter catalogue
June 13, 2022

With the right tools and advice Winter gardening can be a hugely productive time. From pruning to weeding, tool maintenance, to cutting, sawing and chopping, Winter will have passed before you know it.

Top jobs in the winter gardening list include:


There’s no better Winter activity than getting the chainsaw out for those wood tasks that are best suited to tackling when the temperature isn’t soaring. Whether pruning back your bigger trees, preparing your wood pile or simply tackling DIY projects in the workshop, Winter is the ideal time to get busy with wood


If you can make a tree look good when its naked, then think how good it will look with clothes on. It’s a thought once shared with STIHL Gardening expert, Charlie Albone that’s stayed with him. Says Charlie, ‘You can really appreciate a tree or shrub structure when it has no leaves. So, for me, this makes Winter the ideal time for pruning deciduous trees and shrubs. You can identify and cut back limbs that are crossing or rubbing and prevent wounds.’


There are some fantastic low effort jobs that can be tackled in the garden during Winter that will reap big rewards come Spring. Getting on top of weed control is on the top of the list. It’s also the season to lift and divide your herbaceous plants, cut back your grasses and improve your soil with lots of compost


As the demands of your garden change throughout the year, so too will the frequency of use of some of your favourite tools. Caring for your tools is key to caring for your garden.


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