Brushcutters & Grass Trimmers

August 9, 2016

What is the difference between brushcutters and grass trimmers?

If you’re wanting superior control of lawn clean-ups and terrain management, a brush cutter or grass trimmer could be the solution. We’ll explore your options and help you choose the product that is best suited to your needs.

When it comes to making your lawn look great, mowing is only one factor. If you want to keep long grass under control, perform delicate jobs, and give your yard a clean finish, brushcutters and grass trimmers are the ideal tools.

The main difference between brushcutters (or ‘whipper snippers’) and grass trimmers (or ‘line trimmers’) is that brushcutters generally have straight shafts, and grass trimmers generally have bent shafts.

Straight shafts are designed for more heavy-duty performance, and also provide the possible attachment of a blade for cutting large areas of grass — perfect for maintaining sections of your lawn that are inaccessible by mower.

There are several other differences that are specific to the models in each range (such as the weight, the blade, the engine, the handle, and so forth), but to put it simply: grass trimmers are ideal for homeowners, while brushcutters are better suited to landowners and professional landscapers.

What are my STIHL choices?

Our range of lightweight, reliable trimmers and cutters are categorised into three main options: Homeowner Grass Trimmers, Landowner Brushcutters, and Professional Brushcutters. Your personal lawn maintenance needs will determine which machine is best for you.

Homeowner Grass TrimmersFS55CE

As the name indicates, these tools are optimal for domestic and property maintenance. They are the lightest choice in the STIHL range, allowing you to easily mow small areas, trim tight spaces, and give your lawn that flawless edge. If you’re looking for a product that will allow for fuss-free tidying along fences and walls, between trees and hedges, and along footpaths and other edges, a grass trimmer may be just what you need.

Most styles feature a comfort-grip loop handle, which minimises the trimmer’s footprint and allows you to work in areas where space is limited. Plus, the handle is multi-function, placing all the controls in a convenient spot.

The engine is low-emission and environmentally-friendly, and many of your choices include Easy2Start technology for effortless starting. The weight, blade, and power of each grass trimmer will vary, so don’t hesitate to ask us for more information about your options.

View our range of STIHL Homeowner Grass Trimmers.

Landowner Brushcutters

THE STIHL Landowner range features that aforementioned straight shaft, meaning it is powerful enough to handle many different types of terrain, from commercial lawns to tough scrub. Plus, they are more lightweight than most Professional Brushcutters.

Unlike grass trimmers, our landowner brushcutters feature the STIHL anti-vibration system — available in a one-point or four-point version — to effectively minimise handle vibration. This gives you an easier and more comfortable mowing experience. They also have STIHL Elastostart, a special handle that provides a smooth starting process.

If you own a larger property, are facing particularly difficult or robust terrain, want a tool that allows for additional blade attachment, or simply require a more powerful machine, our efficient and ergonomic landowner brushcutters may be what you need. Come see us if you have any questions about these models.

View our range of STIHL Landowner Brushcutters.

Professional BrushcuttersFS94C

Going from strength to strength, we come to the powerful range of STIHL Professional Brushcutters. Maybe you have a larger-than-average yard, or you expect to be using your brushcutter particularly frequently. Perhaps you run a gardening or landscaping business, or you’re responsible for long jobs of highway maintenance. If this is the case, you might want to consider upgrading to a Professional Brushcutters.

Our models are rugged and ready for all-day use, plus our wide variety brings different benefits for different circumstances. Some choices are more lightweight than others, bringing lots of power without the strain. Some will feature the loop handle, allowing for balance and operation in tight spaces; others have the ergonomic bike handle, which is great for maneuverability and minimising fatigue. Some include a compensator to maintain optimal fuel/air ratio in the combustion mixture. Some have 2-mix engine technology, which can use up to 20 percent less fuel than competitor models.

With this much variety, you’re bound to find the perfect machine for your lawn and lifestyle. Our team are always on hand to talk you through your options and help you make a great choice.

View our range of STIHL Professional Brushcutters.

But wait: there’s more! There is one more option to consider —

STIHL Professional Clearing SawsFS 560 C-EM

Clearing saws are powerful tools used to quickly and efficiently mow through tough grass or scrub on roadsides and embankments. They’re also optimal for forestry thinning and for clearing vegetation in orchards or on difficult terrain. We currently have three styles available, which vary in weight, blade, and power output to suit different requirements. Come have a chat with us if you’re unsure which tool is best for you.

Regardless of your choice, your clearing saw will be robust, long-lasting, stable, and well equipped for even the toughest landscape maintenance. Each style features several great manufacturing advantages:

  • The STIHL 2-stroke engine is a cleaner, more fuel efficient engine that reduces pollution and boosts power.
  • The simplified starting system means you can set the choke, pump the fuel primer, pull the cord, and get to work.
  • The ergonomic bike handle assists in creating a smooth and comfortable mowing experience.
  • The multi-function control handle means that the engine controls are literally at your fingertips, ensuring safe and easy operation.

View our range of STIHL Professional Clearing Saws.

From domestic lawns to wild growth, we have a product to suit every job. Come see us at STIHL Shop Geebung and take control of your garden!

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