36 GBM Diamond Concrete Saw Chain

36 GBM Diamond Concrete Saw Chain


For quick, smooth and low-vibration wet cutting through concrete, hard stone, in suitable conditions brick and ductile cast iron pipes, pre-sharpened diamond segments. The diamond abrasive chain is ready to cut from the start. The chain is lubricated by water which is delivered to the chain via the inside of the special cutter bar. Includes replacement sprocket.

36 GBM Diamond Concrete Cutter Chain 30cm / 12″ (Includes Sprocket) $304.50 40cm / 16″ (Includes Sprocket) $699.00

36 GBE Diamond Concrete Cutter Chain – Skip tooth economy version 30cm / 12″ (Includes Sprocket) $212.60 No Longer Available

40cm / 16″ $256.80  No Longer Available




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