Cordless Accessories

AL 100 Standard Charger


For STIHL Battery AP 180. With operating mode indicator (LED) and passive battery cooling. 240 V.

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AL 300 Quick Charger


Quick charger for STIHL Lithium-ion batteries. With operating mode indicator and integral air cooling. The AL 300 quick charger takes 70 minutes for 100% charge ...

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AL 500 Super Charger


With the increase in battery capacities the new AL 500 Super Charger enables extremely rapid charging to minimise down time and allow increased ...

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AP 200 Battery


Light and powerful 36V Lithium-Ion battery. Ideal for homeowners and landscapers using STIHL’s range of powerful cordless tools. The AP 200 battery ...

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AP 300 Battery


The AP 300 for maximum performance. A very powerful lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 36V, with a higher capacity for longer run ...

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AR 900 Battery


With the ability to run selected STIHL cordless machines all day and at the same time, reducing the weight of the machine, ...

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Pouch for Battery Belt


Additional pouch for attaching to the battery belt. Can be used to carry more batteries or other accessories such as sunglasses, gloves ...

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Battery Belt Carrying System


Robust and ergonomically shaped belt with storage for STIHL lithium-ion batteries to make work even easier. Carry the battery in your battery ...

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Harness for Battery Belt


Comfortable harness for ergonomic working. Easily attached to the battery belt.

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Storage Boxes


Keeping your AP (handheld) or AR (backpack) batteries and charger safe, secure and easy to transport is now possible thanks to the 2 ...

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